Genius Punnagai Magazine 3 Years Subscription

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Subscribe now to, Genius Punnagai Magazine, an Inspiring Educational English Magazine that caters to students studying above 6th std. This 68 page magazine brings out various topics of interest for children and a smart companion for parents and teachers to help them teach and educate smart students at home and in school respectively.
Apart from the Genius Punnagai Magazine subscription you are also entitled for various benefits. The publisher organises various competitions for the schools and students who subscribe to the magazine.

Some popular topics the Genius Punnagai Magazine covers

  • General Knowledge
  • Illustrated Stories
  • Personalities for imitation
  • Scientists & Inventors
  • Health
  • Career growth
  • Ecology & Environment
  • Animal & Birds
  • Puzzles, Sudoku
  • Parenting topics
  • Building up Vocabulary
  • Quotes from Popular Personalities
  • Various Contests for Children
  • Facts About the World & India

Every issue of Genius Punnagai Magazine comes as a big treat to the students who look forward to seeing the magazine every month. 5 years subscription give you more for a lesser price and for a longer duration. Do not miss this opportunity.