Informal Letters for All Occasions

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Letters convey a message, exchange ideas and news between two persons or discuss a matter of importance. Basically letters are of 2 types: 1. Private or personal letters 2. Official or formal letters which is also known as business letters.
Private letters are written to friends and family. These letters discuss family matters, extend good wishes and help you to maintain a rapport and the ethos of the family or friendship. The way you start and end your letter creates an impression that is deeply imprinted on the one who receives it. If you are in the habit of writing good informal letters, you have the joy of having thousands of family members and friends close to you. You become a confidant in the circle.
This book helps you to master the art of writing such good informal letters that will evoke a good response from the recipients. You become a successful person in human relationships.


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The book Informal Letters for All Occasions contains topics like:

  • Basic vocabulary needed for writing informal letters
  • Parts of informal letters
  • Tips to crack letter writing section in the exams
  • A Total of 42 sample informal letters are presented for various occasions
  • Important types of personal letters like the following:
    • Apology letter
    • Reply to a sympathy card
    • Letters of information
    • Expressing gratitude
    • Letters of appreciation
    • Expressing dissatisfaction
    • Congratulating for various occasions
    • Condolence letter for various occasions
    • Consoling letters for various occasions
    • Invitation letters
    • Hospitality letters
    • Apologising letters
    • News sharing letters
    • Birthday wishes
    • Expression of concern
    • Narrative letters
    • Seeking permission
    • Pen Pals
    • Thanking letters

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